Oresund Steel Construction is located by the water, in the heart of the dynamic Oresund region. We have more than 100 years of experience of large and heavy steel structure production.

From Construction to Maritime Shipping
Our clients come from a wide range of industries, from manufacturing and construction, to offshore and maritime shipping. Oresund Steel Construction manufactures everything from steel bridges, to water tanks and frameworks. We are also often hired as sub-suppliers for the processing of steel components, including services such as cutting, burning, bending, blasting and painting.

High-Level of Competences
With more than a century of experience within the shipyard industry, our clients benefit from the expertise and high-level competences that Oresund Steel Construction possesses.

Our staff are our most valuable asset, which is why we continuously work to develop and improve their skills and competences.

Vast Logistic Benefits
Our dockside location benefits from its own quays and cranes, enabling the loading of complex structures and goods directly onto vessels. In addition, our close proximity to the harbor, railroads and main roads offers our clients great logistical benefits.


Working with Oresund Steel Construction offers automatic access to a vast array of resources. Our machine park enables all types of heavy plate work, as well as movement of very heavy steel structures throughout the complex.

100,000 square meters of Workshop Space
Our total workshop space is around 100,000 square meters, of which 35,000 is indoors.

Fully Equipped
Oresund Steel Construction is fully equipped for all types of work involving large structures. Our range of machinery includes: gas and plasma cutting machines, roll forming, bending and surface treatment equipment and advanced welding devices.

200 tonnes Lifting Capacity
Our workshop has a 240 tonnes lifting capacity. We are also capable of moving steel structures weighing up to 250 tonnes within the entire complex. Our quays are equipped with stationary cranes with a 180 tonnes capacity.

Our Facility’s Capacity
Total complex area: 100,000 square meters
Total indoor area: 35,000 square meters
Lifting capacity of up to 200 tons in production halls
Transport capacity of section weights up to 250 tonnes within the plant
Load capacity on and off ships at quay of 180 tonnes

Gas/plasma cutting machines
3 x Gas cutting machines with six burners, table 12 m x 3 m
1 x Gas cutting machine with four burners, table 12 m x 12 m
1 x Plasma cutting machine with two burners, table 20 m x 4 m
1 x Gas/Plasma cutting machine with burner, two tables 13 m x 3 m
1 x Gas/Plasma cutting machine with two burners, table 12 m x 2.5 m
1 x Parallel Gas cutting machine with seven burners, table – 16 m x 3.1 m

Steel plate rollers and bend machines
3 x Plate rollers with a length of up to 9 m/30 mm
1 x Circular plate roller with a length of up  to 3000 mm/23 mm
2 x Edge presses with a length of up to 12 m/ 1200 tonnes
1 x Hydraulic press, up to 400 tonnes
2 x Steel profile rollers
1 x Steel profile straightening machine with a profile width/for a profile width of up to 675 mm/250 tonnes.

1 x Steel profile bending machine up to profile width of 600 mm/400 tonnes.
1 x Shearing Machine with length up to 3 mm/20 mm.
1 x Radial drill machine.
1 x Tumbling machine.

Welding machines
Submerged arc welding machines
Automatic welding machines
MIG / MAG welding machines
Electrode welding machines
Blasting & painting equipment
Complete sandblasting equipment
Fully Equipped for painting with one-or-two component paint

Workshop Machinery
Radial drill
Milling machine
Carousel lathe
Various other industrial machinery

Steel Constructions

Oresund Steel Construction manufactures steel constructions, both whole or in parts, aimed at a wide range of clients. Our workshop has a huge array of resources, enabling us to help you with any product you require.

From Water Tanks to Work Platforms
Working together with our clients and using the plans as base, we are able to manufacture a wide range of steel constructions, including: water tanks, steel bridges, machine beds, chassis, frameworks, ship sections, cargo doors, ramps, cranes, ship bulbs and special trucks, as well as housing and work platforms.

Subcontract Products
Oresund Steel Construction possesses a wealth of experience in subcontract production. As subcontractor, we work in collaboration with you, the client, for all your manufacturing needs. When it comes to delivering solid, high quality products to your customer on time, you can count on us.

Specified Steel Products
Throughout our long history, we have manufactured a huge variety of constructions, some of which were truly unique. Rest assured, we possess the competence and knowledge to meet your needs and demands, no matter how complex they may be.


Oresund Steel Construction is located in Landskrona, on the edge of the Oresund. We, along with Oresund Dry Docks, are a subsidiary of Oresund Heavy Industries. The corporation currently has approximately 100 employees and an annual turnover in excess of SEK 344 million. We are a manufacturer of large steel structures for a wide range of clients. Our clients come from a broad spectrum of industries, from manufacturing and construction, to offshore and maritime shipping.

Our staff of welders, pipe fitters, engineers, crane operators, drivers and storage personnel, along with our production, preparation and management teams, work

together to provide our clients with the highest quality of work, in the shortest time
possible. Commitment, flexibility, responsibility and organization are our watchwords, which is why all our staff are part of a continuous competence development programme.

Want to know more?
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